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Anti-corrosion Pipe

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Brief Introduction to Steel Pipe Anti-corrosion Products

The company has two coating production lines of three layers of polyolefin PE (PP) in the specification of φ219mm-φ2420mm and the standards of GB/T23257, SY/T0413, DIN30670, etc. Equipped with the most advanced anti-corrosion production equipment at home and abroad, the production line has the following core equipment: the shot blasting machine for the internal and external wall of steel pipe, process transfer lines, medium-frequency induction heating systems, epoxy powder static electricity coating system, polyethylene and adhesive extruder, pipe end grinding equipment, Graco airless spray machine and curing room, etc. Controlled with microcomputer, all equipment are characterized by advanced process, high automation, stable performance, reliable quality and powerful process adaptability, etc. The anti-corrosion products are mainly produced for the transport of oil, gas, water, coal pulp and other medium. They are featured with high cementation, antioxidant, anti-moisture, anti-chemical corrosion and long service life, etc. With broad range of process specifications and high degree of automation, it provides a broad platform for the anti-corrosion of pipeline that transports various medium.