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3PE steel pipe inspection process

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2022-05-07 15:23

3PE steel pipe

First of all, the 3PE steel pipe is inspected based on various conditions to make it meet the requirements and conditions for the production of thermal insulation steel pipes. Check and remove the rust on the steel pipe, and check whether the 3PE steel pipe is corroded. Secondly, the 3PE steel pipe after derusting and anti-corrosion is put into the polyethylene casing, and the pipe is formed. Then, after the head is repaired, the polyurethane foam is injected into it to fully fill the gap. And inspect the 3PE steel pipe to inspect the finished product of the thermal insulation steel pipe.

3PE steel pipe base material needs to record and inspect the steel pipe entering the pipe entry platform before the anti-corrosion treatment, and shot blasting and rust removal on the outer surface of the steel pipe, and then check whether the depth and cleanliness of the anchor pattern on the outer surface of the steel pipe meet the requirements. Those that meet the requirements are polished and repaired with a hand grinding wheel, and tape paper is wrapped around the end of the pipe and treated with fine dust. Intermediate frequency heating to the required temperature, adhesive extruder side winding, epoxy powder spraying, PE extruder side winding, water cooling for anti-corrosion pipes, spraying and marking of qualified 3PE steel pipe products, lowering the tube platform and then stacking.


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