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Talking about 3PE steel pipe

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2022-05-07 15:23

Talking about 3PE steel pipe


3pe steel pipe is a new type of anti-corrosion steel pipe. Because of its low price and reliable quality, 3pe steel pipe has been widely used in the field of natural gas and oil pipeline transportation. It has good corrosion resistance and acid and alkali resistance, which greatly prolongs the service life of the working steel pipe. Life.

The 3pe steel pipe structure is divided into three layers, the first layer is epoxy powder, the second layer is adhesive, and the third layer is polyethylene. The three materials are fused together and firmly bonded to the steel tube to create an excellent anti-corrosion coating.

The basic materials of 3pe steel pipe include spiral steel pipe, seamless steel pipe and straight seam steel pipe. Three-layer structure polyethylene (3PE) anti-corrosion coatings are widely used in the oil pipeline industry due to their good corrosion resistance, water vapor permeability and mechanical properties. The anti-corrosion layer of 3pe steel pipe is very important for the service life of buried pipeline. Some pipes of the same material are buried in the ground for decades and do not corrode. Since they use different layers of external preservatives, there will be some leaks over the years.


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