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Zhongyuan Pipeline: How to Insulate Anticorrosion Steel Pipe, Spiral Welded Pipe-Spiral Welded Pipe Manufacturer

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2022-05-07 15:23


There are many methods for anti-corrosion steel pipe insulation, and different methods should be selected according to different needs.  

1. Coating and thermal insulation method of anti-corrosion steel pipe insulation pipe

Construction method, if using amorphous thermal insulation materials (such as expanded perlite, expanded frog stone, asbestos fiber, asbestos from asbestos powder, diatomite clinker, etc.), adding a binder (water glass, such as cement, refractory clay, etc.), Or add a coagulant (sodium fluorosilicate or Chardonnay), select a certain proportion of ingredients, add water, stir evenly, become a shaped clay block, and apply it on the insulation pipes and equipment by hand or tools, which is called smear method insulation.


Zhongyuan Pipeline - Spiral Welded Pipe - Spiral Welded Pipe Manufacturer


2. Anti-corrosion steel pipe insulation pipe wrapping insulation

(1) Wrap insulation is to make insulation material into rope or tape, and wrap it directly on the pipe. , , , , , , , ,

The thermal insulation materials using this method include slag wool felt, glass wool felt, straw rope, asbestos rope or asbestos tape. 

3. Prefabricated thermal insulation of anti-corrosion steel pipe insulation pipes

(1) Pipe prefabricated insulation structure, usually with a diameter of DN ≤ 80mm, using a semi-circular shell; if the diameter of the pipe is DN ≥ 100mm, fan-shaped tiles (arc tiles) or trapezoidal tiles should be used.   

The materials used in prefabricated products mainly include foamed concrete, asbestos, diatomaceous earth, slag wool, glass wool, rock wool, expanded perlite, expanded vermiculite, calcium silicate, etc.   

4. Filling and insulation method for anti-corrosion steel pipe insulation pipe

(1) When the insulating material is bulk material, this method can be used for the insulation of removable accessories.   

(2) During construction, the support ring made of round steel is fixed on the pipe wall, the thickness of the ring is the same as the thickness of the insulation layer, and then the support ring is wrapped with iron sheet, aluminum sheet or wire mesh, and then filled with insulation material. 

The filling method can also use a prefabricated rigid arc-shaped block of porous material as the support structure, with a spacing of about 900 mm, cut the plain-woven wire mesh according to the outer circumference of the pipe insulation, and then wrap it around the support circumference for slag filling. Filling the insulating structure should use a metal protective shell. 

The above methods are used for the insulation of anti-corrosion steel pipes, which can be selected according to their own needs.




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