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Anti-corrosion Steel Pipes

Anticorrosive steel pipes are applied to corrosion of underground long-distance pipe transportation. The outer wall adopts the hot melt winding technology. Three epoxy resin coating layers are formed at the bottom. The middle is the adhesive, and the outer side is the PE anti-corrosion coating. The inner wall adopts the hot epoxy powder spray method to resist corrosion. Powder is heated and molten at a high temperature, and then is evenly coated on the surface of the pipe to form a steel-plastic alloy layer.

Anti-corrosion Steel Pipes

Through pretreatment of the surface of anticorrosive steel pipes with different methods, all the steel pipes are under pressure. Application of cyclical anticorrosive steel pipes: the basic materials of anticorrosive steel pipes include spiral pipes, straight-joint pipes and seamless pipes. They are widely applied in petroleum, chemical, natural gas and other industries. They are applied in pipeline engineering fields like thermal power, sewage treatment, water source, bridge, steel structure, seawater transportation piles, etc. and applicable to water supply of high-rise buildings, heat supply of the heat supply network and self-support.

Anti-corrosion Steel Pipes

The surfacing of 3PE anticorrosive steel pipes is high-density PE anti-corrosion coating. The middle layer is copolymerized adhesive with the branching structure function. The coating is the epoxy powder anti-corrosion coating for contact between the steel pipe surface and the bottom layer. 3PE enhanced anticorrosive steel pipes featured with wide application and the most production are mainly used as pipes or structural parts for conveying fluids. 3PE anticorrosive steel pipes for general purposes are made through rolling of structural alloy steel, ordinary carbon structural steel or low-alloy structural steel.
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