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3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe anti-corrosion method

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2022-05-07 15:23

3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe

3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe anti-corrosion method:

1.3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe generally adopts two main methods: outer coating and cathodic protection.

2. Although most of the appearance of the 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe is covered by the coating, a slight leak can lead to an incredible corrosion rate and even lead to hole penetration or cracking. Therefore, pipeline corrosion protection often uses coating systems and cathodic protection to achieve 99.99% coverage to avoid unimaginable consequences in the future.

3. The selected 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe anti-corrosion cathodic protection is divided into the application of special cathodic protection and current cathodic protection.

4.3 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe anti-corrosion coating is selected to form a continuous coating of insulating material, and the electrolyte in direct contact with the metal is directly insulated to avoid correct electrolytic reaction.

5. The disconnection point during the coating process is called the leak point. The main reason is that it happens during painting, shipping or installation. It can also occur during coating aging, soil stress, or pipe movement in the soil. Damage caused by third parties is not detected in a timely manner.

6. Principle of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection: After an amplitude current is applied to protect the metal and cathodic polarization, the corrosion on the structure stops when the potential of all the negative electrodes reaches the very vivid open circuit potential of the positive electrode.

7.3 The composition of PE anti-corrosion steel pipe plus current cathodic protection: rectifier and voltage stabilizer

8. Rectifier: Converts alternating current to direct current.

9.3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe potentiometer: an electronic instrument that can actively control the potential stability of the pipeline.


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