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Spiral welded pipe

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2022-05-07 15:23

Spiral welded pipe 
Spiral welded pipe is to roll low-alloy structural steel strip or low-carbon carbon structural steel into a tube billet at a certain helical angle. to make. The welded pipe should ensure that the tensile strength, cold bending performance and hydraulic test of the weld meet the regulations, and its specifications are expressed by the outer diameter and wall thickness.
The spiral welded pipe can be stored in a ventilated material shed. Some high-priced spiral welded pipe metal products need to be put on top to avoid rusting of the spiral welded pipe because they are afraid of corrosion, so they are stored in the warehouse so that they can be stored as much as possible. Protecting the spiral welded pipe increases the stability of the spiral welded pipe. The selection of the warehouse is also required. Although the spiral welded pipe can be placed in the warehouse, it is necessary to keep away from some dust and gases that are harmful to the spiral welded pipe. The warehouse should choose a clean and sanitary drainage. A well-ventilated place.


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