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Zhongyuan Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.: Storage standards for anti-corrosion steel pipes

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2022-05-07 15:23

The storage standard of anti-corrosion steel pipes, the anti-corrosion steel pipes produced also face a problem, storage! Let's see how to store it.

1. Appearance inspection standards for incoming and outgoing anti-corrosion steel pipes:

(1) Check one by one, the surface of the polyethylene layer should be smooth, no dark bubbles, no pits, no wrinkles, no cracks, and the color should be uniform. The surface of the pipe should be free of spots, thick skin and severe rust.  

(2) The bending degree of the steel pipe should be less than 0.2% of the length of the steel pipe, and the ovality should be less than or equal to 0.2% of the outer diameter of the steel pipe. The local unevenness of the pipe surface should be less than 2mm.



Second, anti-corrosion steel pipe transportation standards:

(1) Loading and unloading: special slings should be used for pipeline loading and unloading, and the nozzle should not be damaged. In the process of driving, hoisting, loading and unloading, the safety distance between any part of all construction machinery and equipment and the overhead power line shall comply with the regulations. Before loading, the anti-corrosion grade, material and wall thickness of the pipeline should be checked. Pipes with different anti-corrosion grades, materials and wall thicknesses should not be mixed.

(2): The transportation of the pipeline shall comply with the relevant regulations of the transportation department. A thrust baffle should be set between the trailer and the cab, and the column should be firm. When transporting the anti-corrosion pipe, it should be tied firmly, and the anti-corrosion layer should take protective measures (both ends of the flexible binding rope should be bound). Rubber sheets or other soft materials should be provided between the anti-corrosion pipe and the frame or column, and between the anti-corrosion pipe and the binding rope. A rubber hose or other hose cover should be placed over the lashing rope. Special measures should be taken for the transportation of elbows (soft gaskets should be used to avoid mutual collision and wear of the anti-corrosion primer). 

Third, the storage standard of anti-corrosion steel pipe:

(1) Pipes, fittings, valves and other equipment and materials should be properly kept in accordance with the requirements of product specifications. During storage, attention should be paid to inspection to prevent corrosion, deformation, aging or performance degradation. 

(2) Materials such as glass cloth, thermal packaging tape, and heat shrinkable sleeves should be stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse.   

(3) Pipes, pipe fittings, valves and other materials or equipment can be classified and stored in the open air. The storage site should be level, free of stones, and the ground should not be waterlogged. The storage site should maintain a slope of 1% to 2%, and set up drainage ditches. There should be roads for cars and cranes to and from the storage site, and there should be no overhead power lines above the site.

(4) The anti-corrosion pipes in the warehouse should be stacked in layers in the same direction. The stacking height should ensure that the pipeline will not lose stable deformation and will not damage the anti-corrosion coating. Anti-corrosion steel pipes of different specifications and materials should be stacked separately. A gasket should be placed between each layer of anti-corrosion pipes. Two rows of sleepers or sand belts should be laid under the lower pipeline. The distance between the pipeline and the ground should be greater than 50 mm. In order to ensure the stability of the pipe group, the next layer of anti-corrosion pipes should be fixed with wedges.   

(5) On-site construction requirements for pipeline storage: the bottom of the anti-corrosion pipe should be padded with two (or more than two) support pads, the distance between the support pads is 4m ~ 8m, the minimum width of the support pads is 100mm, and the anti-corrosion pipe should be no less than 100mm from the ground. , Support pads, anti-corrosion pipes and anti-corrosion pipes should be cushioned with flexible gaskets. The allowable stacking layers of anti-corrosion pipes should meet the following requirements: Nominal diameter dn (mm) dn <200 <300 <400 stacking layers

(6) The valve should be stored in the original packaging, and waterproof measures should be taken during storage.




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