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3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe manufacturers: tell you how 3 PE anti-corrosion steel pipes are produced

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2022-05-07 15:23


Do you know the production method of 3 PE anti-corrosion steel pipe? Next, 3 PE anti-corrosion steel pipe manufacturers will give you a brief introduction.


1. Visual inspection. Before processing, the steel pipes should be visually analyzed by skilled workers and checked one by one. If the steel pipe has serious mechanical damage, heavy skin, cracks, dents and other defects, the steel pipe is a substandard product and must be returned. When checking the threaded nozzle, if there is a flat opening in the nozzle, it must be corrected in time. If it cannot be corrected, it should be treated as a scrapped product.

2. To remove rust from pipe fittings, transport the steel pipe to be subjected to corrosion treatment to the Shangguan platform of the operation line, and carry out flame heating treatment to remove moisture, oil and impurities from the outer surface of the steel pipe. Control its temperature between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius, use PW-380 steel pipe shot blasting machine to remove rust, and then further process the steel pipe to sort out rust, oil, oxide scale, etc. Grind.

3. After polishing, the outer surface of the steel pipe should be treated with a micro-dust treatment device to remove the rust and dust remaining on the steel pipe, and then apply epoxy powder coating within 4 hours.

4. Preheat the steel pipe. It should be preheated before epoxy powder coating. According to the pipe diameter and feeding speed of the steel pipe, select the appropriate temperature, but pay attention not to exceed 275 degrees.

5. The adhesive coating is wrapped with the polyethylene tape, and the adhesive coating is carried out during the epoxy powder gelation process; during the transverse winding process, please ensure that the polyethylene layer is intact, and the polyethylene and the welding seam of the overlapped part are not damaged. The polyethylene on both sides is fully roll compacted.

6. Circulating water cooling. After the anti-corrosion layer of the steel pipe is completed, it should be cooled and fixed to form, and the surface of the anti-corrosion layer of the anti-corrosion steel pipe should be cooled by the circulating water pouring chamber.

7. Cut the head, use cooling water to cool the anti-corrosion layer of the steel pipe, and reserve a length of 100-120mm at the pipe end as required.

8. Grind the pipe ends and use a wire brush to treat the pipe ends.

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