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Traditional industries such as spiral steel pipes have become sunset industries in people's eyes

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2022-05-07 15:23

In recent years, emerging industries such as the Internet and the virtual economy have developed rapidly and have become sunrise industries, while traditional industries such as spiral steel pipes have become sunset industries in people's eyes.

But the spiral steel pipe industry is like food, and it will not become dispensable because of the development of emerging industries. On the contrary, spiral steel pipe and food can be said to be pillar industries and should be evergreen industries. Widely used in all walks of life. In the face of the slowdown of domestic economic growth and the difficult situation of low growth, low price, low efficiency and high pressure in the steel industry in recent years, steel pipe enterprises cannot rely on the size and scale to stick to the tradition, but must carry out a new round of structural Adjustment, technological innovation to resolve a series of major challenges of overcapacity. Industrial transformation and structural adjustment is a arduous process, and it will not be smooth sailing. As my country's economy has entered a new normal, my country's steel industry has also entered a new normal of "three lows and one high" of low growth, low prices, low efficiency and high pressure.

Iron and steel enterprises rely on low-price competition, and corporate profits are meager or even loss-making, and it is difficult to persist for a long time. In addition, the requirements for environmental protection are getting higher and higher. If the environmental protection standards are not up to standard, more enterprises will be shut down. For the spiral steel pipe industry, the important thing in the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" development plan is structural adjustment, which is an important issue related to the survival of the spiral steel pipe industry. In recent years, my country has realized the importance of industrial structure adjustment and has adjusted some production capacity. Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Steel Pipe Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of various types of spiral steel pipes, spiral welded pipes, spiral pipes and piling pipes; various types of spiral pipes, spiral steel pipes, spiral welded pipes and piling pipes with diameters of 219-3620mm can be customized according to user needs. Welcome customers to come to our company and factory to visit and negotiate!


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