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Explanation of the definition of the crown of the steel plate of the spiral steel pipe factory

The definition and interpretation of the crown of the steel plate of the spiral steel pipe factory The thickness measured by the thickness gauge at 40mm from the operating side. In the actual rolling process of strontium, the crown of the plate may be wedge-shaped. Generally speaking, when the crown is greater than 40pm, the wq should be less than 27pm; when the crown is less than 2, the Wq should be less than 27pm. What is the formation mechanism of the crown of the steel plate? The crown of the strip in the FL process depends on the crown of the roll under load, the crown of the original shape of the metal dream steel, and the shape of the roll gap of the rolling mill forms the shape of the strip. The no-load crown of the roll The original roll shape of the roll The thermal crown of the roll The load crown of the silver-wearing roll = the no-load crown of the roll The deflection of the roll ten The elastic deformation of the roll The above factors determine the roll gap shape of the rolling mill and constitute a mathematical model main port control factor. By specifying the original roll electrical system, controlling the bending roll and stringing, the crown and straightness are changed, and the extension of the edge and middle of the strip is kept the same to obtain the phase shape. There is generally no clear regulation for the control tolerance of the convexity of the hot-rolled sheet, and the third is to ensure the requirements of subsequent cold rolling. The crown tolerance of cold-rolled to incoming hot-rolled sheet should be less than 0.007mmo. The shape of the steel plate in the spiral steel pipe factory refers to the uniformity of the thickness distribution of the transverse section of the steel plate and the flatness of the plate surface. Strictly speaking, flatness is caused by residual stress in the strip after rolling. The rolled piece that can be rolled out from the roll gap is relatively free because of its relatively free front end, so the uniform deformation of the width force may be reflected in the shape of its front end, but after the milk piece is long, the rolled piece continues to be rolled out. , the obstruction of this unevenly extending front end is not reflected in the shape of the front end, resulting in a longitudinal tensile stress in the width direction, which is the residual stress after the deformation of the rolled piece. When this stress is large enough, The large shape is manifested by defects such as waves and warping.





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